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Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 12
Holding on to that newfound sense of clarity, Shades made his way back down the hall, finding the door to the turret tower more readily than he expected to.
Understood now that he had been gradually working his way through some sort of illusion, and suspected that anyone else who entered Vineholdt could fall victim to the same thing. Having noticed the daylight pouring in through the windows again, he also knew the rainstorm was also all glamour, as well. Much to his relief, as he was at first afraid the place had somehow managed to delay his search until after nightfall.
Once again, he stood before that last narrow stretch of corridor leading to the tower, guarded by that impossibly dark doorway, whose visions of pale, groping hands had turned him back before. His feet always had a mind of his own, and now he realized that, even as his eyes were deceived by this place’s various diversions, his feet had been steadily leading him in the right direction all along. Though he suspect
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Raise This Moon by shadesmaclean Raise This Moon :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 0 0 Fluttershy Blazing avatar by shadesmaclean Fluttershy Blazing avatar :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 14 0
Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 11
Justin stood for a long moment in front of that painting of Eleanor and her two kittens, trying to pull himself back together.
Wandering this place was nerve-wracking enough with Max by his side, and even some chance of catching up with Shades. To find himself all alone in here, with all he had learned of Vineholdt’s horrid history and experienced thus far, it threatened to trample reason in a panicked stampede for the door. Wild eyes casting about, hardly even noticing the lit hallway sconces and newer-looking wallpaper all around him.
“Max!” he called out, turning one way, then the other, having no clue which way his friend went. “Shades! Can anyone hear me!?”
At first wondering why they hadn’t thought to do that in the first place, until it occurred to him that shouting like that was also a dead giveaway to anything else that might haunt these halls, and he clammed up as sharply as he cried out.
It was in the midst of his fearful silence, ears str
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MLP - Nuka-Cola Dash (Wasteland) by shadesmaclean MLP - Nuka-Cola Dash (Wasteland) :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 8 0 AX-17-04 -Hellsing vs Anderson by shadesmaclean AX-17-04 -Hellsing vs Anderson :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 0 0
Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 10
Shades stood transfixed, staring across the room at what he saw in that mirror.
Still wearing the same leather jacket and jeans, looking for all the world as if he just wandered in out of the woods around Lakeside that very night.
Shades blinked, and it was gone, as if he had merely startled himself with the movement of his own reflection, some trick of the lighting, and he turned once again to see if he could find his a way up to either turret tower.
“Dude!” an eerily familiar voice called out to him from that room. “It that really you?”
“John?…” Shades turned and looked his old, long-sought friend in the eye, seeing him exactly as he remembered. “But how…”
“I don’t know…” he replied, “I just wandered in here, after getting lost in this big, scary forest all night… Am I glad to see you!”
Shades conceded that might be possible, what with the dimensional boundaries being so thin out the
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MLP - Sunset Sass AJ (Wasteland) by shadesmaclean MLP - Sunset Sass AJ (Wasteland) :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 6 0 Canine Copyright by shadesmaclean Canine Copyright :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 4 0
Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 09
Max continued to follow the black cat back downstairs.
At the grand stairway landing, he paused again to look inside the junk room, only now it was all in order, looking more like a child’s playroom rather than the ruins of one. Now he could find no trace of the toy sailboat that spooked him earlier, most likely lurking in a toybox against the far wall. After that moment of distraction, he was relieved to see the cat still loitering near the bottom of the steps, almost as if waiting for him.
Just like each time before, as if leading him somewhere, and he turned to follow, barely noticing as he nearly tripped on the curled rug on the stair landing, absently kicking it back into place in his focus on the cat.
Whom he had started out thinking of as a he, most likely because of his long acquaintance with Bandit, but was becoming increasingly certain was a she, for some reason he couldn’t put his finger on. At first, he thought the cat might
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MLP - A Winternet's Tail by shadesmaclean MLP - A Winternet's Tail :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 7 0 AX-17-03 - Pierce the Heavens! by shadesmaclean AX-17-03 - Pierce the Heavens! :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 5 0
Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 08
Shades was just starting to think he could cope with the seemingly random and arbitrary tolling of that infernal grandfather clock, when this time it heralded another spectral vision, much like the first time.
Only this time, he was standing right in the middle of it.
Shadow-shapes strode up and down the halls, sometimes forward, sometimes seemingly in reverse, with nothing to cast them. An indistinct cacophony of voices, all murmuring, whispering, muttering overtop of each other. Flickering glimpses of the doors all opening and closing at random, as he stumbled around in circles, unsure which way to look.
Half-open doors, wall sconces, and scant hall furniture, all casting two or three different shadows at once. Just as it was dying down, he spotted a ghostly, ghastly figure stumbling down the hall. The bloated, drowned-looking apparition of a police officer, aimlessly wandering the halls, casting about in his own abject horror. From somewhere, a woman’s muffled voice screamed f
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DJ BUBBL-3 avatar by shadesmaclean DJ BUBBL-3 avatar :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 34 8 How the Grinch Stole the Internet by shadesmaclean How the Grinch Stole the Internet :iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 11 2
Tradewinds 21: Unreal Estate CH 07
Max and Justin strode down yet another hallway that felt every bit as familiar as it was unfamiliar at the same time.
Vineholdt was proving to have a lot more wings and corridors than even its palatial size suggested from the outside. Putting both of them in mind of places with similar properties, to both of their trepidation. Max, especially, felt as if the place was somehow rearranging itself behind their back.
Struggling to put his fun experiences in the Harken Building out of mind, he found himself recalling some old legend Shades told him about once, of a giant maze, and someone unrolling some string to show the way back. A trick that Alta’s Undercity, let alone the Lower Ruins, would have been too massive to even attempt. Here, though, he questioned whether a rope tied to anything would actually lead them back to the same place at all.
Even some of the twisted passages of the Building occasionally managed that much.
Having long since lost any trace of Shades’ trail, t
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